Cooking Class

Start time: 10.00 pm
End time: 13.00 pm
Duration: 3 hours
Min: 1 Persons
Max: 6 Persons
Costs: Rp. 300.000 per person

Embark on a culinary adventure unlocking the secrets of authentic Sumatran cuisine, utilizing traditional ingredients and preparation methods, in a fully equipped community village kitchen.

We would like to promote and introduce the authentic Indonesian cuisine. This cooking class is for people who love Indonesian food but  not yet familiar with the Indonesian way of cooking. So with this half day activity you get the opportunity to get the real taste of the fresh and authentic Indonesian cuisine.

Get your own fresh products at the traditional market nearby.  the guiding will explain about several products , such as herbs-spices, vegetables and fruits. With these fresh products you will cook a delicious local meal. The local cook will teach you how to cook a traditional Indonesian dish and how to use spices and herbs in the real Sumatran way.

When you are finished cooking you will eat together the meal you cooked. If you like we will send the receipt to your email!

This cooking class is for the vegetarian and non vegetarian, so let us know if you have any special wishes for food you would like to learn to cook, or have any dietary requirements.

If you need more information or want to book this activity, please feel free to contact us