Frequently Asked Questions

Will I see orangutans when I do a jungle trek?
We can not guarantee that you will see orangutans or any other wildlife in the the jungle. Our guides will do their best to ensure you see as much as possible.
It is very rare for a group to not see orangutans, but keep in mind that the longer you’re jungle trekking, the more chance you have to see wildlife.

How much does jungle trekking cost and what is included?
We organize different trekking packages. Please click on jungle trekking above and find out more about your preferred package..

How do I pay for my jungle trek?
We ask a prior payment of 25% via bank transfer. The remaining amount, we would like to receive in cash when you arrive. Please contact us for booking or more information about the payment.

Do I need to book jungle trekking in advance?
We advice booking in advance to be assured that you are going on your chosen date(s). 

Where do the jungle treks leave from?
All our trekking’s start from Bukit Lawang village.

Does our guide speak English and do they a licence?
Yes! Please click on important information and find out more!

What do I need to carry when I am jungle trekking?
We arrange and carry all cooking gear, tents, food, water, sleeping bags and sleeping mats. (you will just have to carry one 2L bottle each during your trek plus your personal items)

How fit do I need to be for jungle trekking?
Gunung Leuser National Park is a jungle with very steep hills, dense forest and it can be muddy, what it can make it challenging. Moderate level of fitness will be therefore required. We arrange different kinds of trekking’s for all ages and family’s. Our guides trained and knowledgeable and will participate in any given situation.

Are there toilets in the jungle?
Yes, there are squad toilets.

What if it starts raining?
Normally it rains late in the afternoon during the rainy season, so we will try to reach our camp earlier.
In dry season it can be dry for weeks but you can still expect heavy rainfall. There are areas in the jungle will always be muddy and slippery.

What happens to my camera if I choose to raft back?
All items are sealed in plastic and secured to the raft. But you can bring a waterproof pouch for your camera/batteries and a rain-cover for your backpack.  

Am I allowed to go into the jungle by myself?
In this national park, you are not allowed to go into the jungle on your own. We are dealing with wild animals and difficult paths so it is very dangerous and potentially easy to get lost. Everyone who goes to the jungle should will be registered by the guide association.

Is the feeding platform still open?
No, the platform has been closed for 3 years. The Platform was started to help rehabilitated orangutans who struggling to find food, but over the years, they learned to look after themselves, so all orangutans have been released back into the jungle.

Where can I leave my luggage while I am jungle trekking?
During your  jungle trekking, you can leave your luggage at the hotel, whether you do a short trek or a long trek.

Are there any jungle treks suitable for children?
Yes! But not for under 5 years old. we prepare extra equipment and guiding and adjust the itinerary or the different age groups. there are different paths to choose from with each requiring a different level of challenging. 

Do you cater for vegetarians?
Yes, but please notify us in advance!

How to get to Bukit Lawang?
We offer private transport, tourist bus or you can choose local buses. Please click on transport to find out more  information about transport and prices.

Is there an ATM in Bukit Lawang?
There is no ATM in Bukit Lawang. So be sure to bring enough money, or you can go 15 min by becak (tuk tuk) to Bahorok. This is the nearest village with an ATM.

Can I exchange money?
Yes, there are money changers in the village but the prices are high compared with ATM. 

Mosquito’s and malaria?
During the daytime there are not many mosquito’s, they start to get active at evening/night. Please apply mosquito repellent a couple of times a day and don’t forget areas such as ears, neck and ankles.
About malaria: Bukit Lawang is not considered to be a malaria infested area, although its not be completely ruled out.

What do I need to be aware of regarding food or drinks?
Smaller, local restaurants often cook their food in the morning and serve it during the day. Look for restaurants that cook fresh and not where the food has been in display for hours.

Risk and Insurance?
Our team will provide the best service and safeguard security. You are in the jungle where certain risks and hazards can occur. It’s therefore highly advisable to conclude an appropriate health insurance covering foreign travel at risk. Consider the risks that may occur when tracking through mountain areas, transport, crossing of rivers, accidents caused by nature and unpredictable behavior of wildlife. Accident or illness in remote areas with little or no medical facilities, no means for free or rapid evacuation. And unforgettable loss of property and injury and / or accidents caused by traffic in Indonesia.
The responsibility lies with the traveler or group to conclude good and proper insurance.


If your question not standing here, please feel free to contact us!