Do’s & Dont’s


– Try the Indonesian cuisine, such as rendang, nasi goreng and sate
– Bargaining prices when you’re buying something in sidewalk hawkers
– Show your effort to speak some Indonesian, such as terima kasih-thank you, apa kabar-how are you
– Visit an Indonesian wedding, you are very welcome at local weddings


– Touch any local animals, potential spread of illnesses and rabies
– Drink local alcohol even if it’s offered to you. Local alcohol can cause a lot of problems or even death. We recommended buying alcohol such as beer, wine and cocktails in the restaurants .
– Smoke or take drugs even if it’s offered to you. It is illegal in Indonesia and has extreme consequences if you get caught by police.
– Keep your mobile phone or computer turned off during thunder storms, it can be very dangerous, there have been many incidents.
– Bring money, valuables or important documents on your Jungle Trek. Leave them in a locker at your hotel.
– Leave any garbage behind
– Swim or walk around in bikini, this is mainly a Muslim country please respect their traditional custom.
– Try to feed or have contact with any wild animals, including semi-wild orangutans. It is for their benefit that human contact is not encouraged.