Important Information

  • All tours we offer are with an certificated, English-speaking guide from the Indonesian Tourist Guide Association (ITGA). All prices adhere to guidelines from the ITGA. Our certified guides will guide you in a group of no more than 5 people or your own group has to be larger.
  • We recommend you to book the trek in advance. So you are assured that you are getting professional Guide.
  • We ask a prior payment of 25% via bank transfer. The remaining amount, we would like to receive in cash when you arrive. Please contact us for booking or more information about the payment.
  • If you have booked a trek let us know about any important information like: you are vegetarian, you want to do a trek with children, have health problems, you are older or have any special wishes for this trek.
  • For the trekking start time are options possible, the 3 hours jungle trekking can start as late until 13:00 pm, in generally we prefer to start the jungle trekking in the morning as the animals are more active in the morning than in the afternoon. All 1 day and longer jungle trekking’s normally begin at 9:00 am after your breakfast, If you wish to start earlier that’s possible too.
  • In generally people prefer to return to Bukit Lawang from jungle trekking via rafting. Rafting back from camp site to the village takes 30 min. Possible to walk back instead.
  • To maximize the quality of your wildlife encounter. They will search out for many kind of animal, bird and medicinal plants that you will see in the forest.
  • We cannot give you the guaranteed to see anything in the jungle or that the treks are like how we describe them. Every trek will be different that has to do with weather season and customer needs

Risk & Insurance

Our team will provide the best service and safeguard security. You are in the jungle where certain risks and hazards can occur.

It is therefore highly advisable to conclude an appropriate health insurance covering foreign travel at risk. Consider the risks that may occur when tracking through mountain areas, transport, crossing of rivers, accidents caused by nature and unpredictable behavior of wildlife. Accident or illness in remote areas with little or no medical facilities, no means for free or rapid evacuation. And unforgettable loss of property and injury and / or accidents caused by traffic in Indonesia.

The responsibility lies with the traveler or group to conclude good and proper insurance.